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Why can't you name projects??

Hi Chris,

Could you describe a bit more about the issue?

Hey Chris,

you can edit the name of all your projects both before or after processing it in different ways:

- in the Projects section of the Cloud, click on the three dots next to the current project name and choose Rename project

- opening the project you want to rename, click on the current name of the project in the upper-left part of the window

If you still have problems, we might have a look together at the project



Thanks Alice. What I am trying to do is name a project in Pix4d Capture iOs app. 

Oh, now I get it! You posted in the wrong section then! I will move this post to our Image acquisition section.

Regarding your question, I am sorry to say that it is not possible to change the name of the project in Pix4D Capture iOs app. Unfortunately, this is just possible for the Android version of the app.