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Rename project

Hello - I made a typo when creating a new project in Pix4D Mapper. Is there an easy way to change it after the fact? This project name appears in the folder tree, products, quality report, etc. and it would be nice to have it update throughout. Thanks

Hi, the easiest is to save your project under a new name. Go to Project > Save As… and choose a new name and directory for your project. A copy of your whole project, project files included, will be saved under the new name and directory, P4D file and results folder included.
You will need to manually remove the old project’s P4D file and results folder if you do not need them anymore.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thank you. That worked. It takes quite a long time but was what I was looking for. I assume I need to rerun the Quality Report and the software will update the project name there as well. Thanks