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Project Naming and Sharing in Capture

I’d like to see the ability to NAME a project instead of the standard “Project 00027” numbering. Currently, there’s no way to edit the name of the project. We only get the name, the date, and time.

Also, I’d like the ability to be able to SHARE a project (flight mission) with another user.

We have recurring jobs that are flown monthly. The same mission with the same platform. The original flight was built on my iPad but I have a part time pilot who flies it once and a while. Instead of either sending him my iPad or trying our best to match the flight specs, it would great if I could either email him the flight plan or SHARE it within the app. I realize that it’s not horribly difficult to match the flight area and specs, most other flight planning apps have this ability.

Thank you, Johnathan

Hi Johnathan,

Thank you for your feature requests/suggestions. I would also recommend you to vote you feature requests/suggestion so that we can have a track of the requested feature. For more information on how to vote the request, go through our support page on How to vote for your favorite feature requests/suggestions.