Capture Pro - How do I do these things?

Moving to Capture Pro, there are some things that I cant seem to figure out how to do anymore or if the function is even there anymore.

  1. Renaming missions. Right now it is just this big string of numbers that indicates the date. This is very confusing.

  2. Having it create a separate folder of images when it runs a mission. Right now all the images are put in one giant folder presumably on the same date.

  3. Just make a standard rectangular boundary with a parallel flight path for normal/double-grid missions. Right now it defaults to a free form boundary and it just makes things extra cumbersome as the flight path needs to then be rotated to give the best coverage within the new weird polygon I just made and its like trying to line up the perfect Z in the perfect papercraft rhombus. Most of our stuff is just residential properties which just fits well in a box. Just give me a simple box.

  4. Saving default flight plan settings? Can we do that? Why is the default drone speed always maximum overdrive? You’ll never catch me Krabs!? I worry about the end results.

Interesting…The possibility to set a lower speed is one of the most important things and it is possible in settings. But another important question is how can I upload the App in my RM510B RC…It is possible, isn’t it?

Hi @apexab

Thank you for your feedback. I have shared it with the product team.
I can’t promise that everything will be taken into account for improvement, but all feedback is carefully analyzed.

For your question 3, you can try using the corridor mission, this will be a perfect rectangular. You can change the width by selecting a different amount of flight lines.

Hi @Antonio_Anelli,

Thank you for your feedback about drone speed. For sure this is not great when light conditions are not optimal. I will share this feedback with the product team.

Regarding the controller, please refer to the Supported drones, cameras, and controllers page for PIX4Dcapture Pro. This controller is not supported.

You can set the drone speed, but you have to readjust it each mission because the default is MAXIMUM.

The corridor grid controls are exactly what I’m looking for, except in a double-grid flight path. I wish you guys could bring that back as it was in the previous version. It was easy to manipulate the grid size and flight path and photo density.

That and renaming missions + making separate folders for the photos would make this whole thing a lot more user friendly.

Right now the pro version is just a lot more clunky.

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I know, I know: but I know also that the fast you go the worse you obtain… There is also the possibility to save a project isn’t it?

What does it mean?

You can save a project but you cant save the consistency of the flight path like you could before. And once you complete a project - it will say COMPLETE and you cant run it again. You have to then duplicate the project to run it again. And since you cant change the name, it becomes difficult to tell on the mission log. Basically you need to constantly upload missions to the computer and delete them off the controller to keep things sorted or its going to be confusing as hell. And I hate to think about programming it for someone else and telling them to run X mission.

Before you could make your grid, and depending on your overlap %, height, and flight speed, it was very consistent how dense the photo density was.

Now you have to free-form your weird pentagon box, then manually rotate your flight path inside the box so that it has the most back and forth coverage, then adjust the sliders and flight speed to your liking EVERY SINGLE TIME. Its not like fat-fingering a little slider is going to ever be that precise when you are changing 3 numeric places for flight speed. So every flight path is going to be a bit different from the previous one, which is just uncomfortable as a professional.

On the plus side, from my tests - the end result has been better than our Mavic Pro 2. The camera on the M3E is a lot sharper and the end result of the Ortho has a lot less artifacts and cleaner stitching. And even having done a slowest speed flight and highest speed flight, the results look pretty similar to the naked eye.

But it would be a lot better if the only two things I had to toggle each time was my grid size and flight height, rather than 6 other dials and make a best guess on the sweet spot.


I have shared the feedback with the product team and they will take a look at the suggestions shared in points 1 (renaming missions), 3 (rectangular mission), and 4 (custom default settings). However, I can’t guarantee that all requests will be considered for future development.

For point 2 (separate folder for every mission), please note that this is drone-dependent and most of the drones don’t support this when saving files/images.

I just came across this forum while doing a Google search to try and resolve some technical issues with Capture Pro. I also have questions - is it ok to ask them here or do I need to begin a new thread?

  1. Can you change the default units from meters (cm) to feet (inches) in MissionPlanner?
  2. Instead of being limited to every 5 m for flight height, why can’t we specify an explicit height?
  3. In MissionPlanner, please display the drone speed in a unit rate such as mph or kmph instead of just a percentage.
  4. I want to see the area covered by a flight in acres or another unit instead of just ha (Mission Planner).
  5. I want to see GSD in inches/pixel instead of just cm (Mission Planner).
  6. Allow the desired GSD to be specified which then calculates the height instead of only allowing height to be specified.
  7. Maybe I’m missing it somewhere but Mission Planner or Capture Pro app should somewhere tell you how many images you’ll be capturing when you plan a flight, which translates to credits.


  • Ok for some reason it created two folders on my last job… I have no idea why. Lol.
  • Renaming missions is probably my biggest request


  1. Yes, you can change it to feet and it is a global setting so it carries over every time you open the app. Its not in the mission planner but the app settings.
  2. It appears to be a slider with an up/down arrow. I haven’t tried to get very granular.
  3. It is a unit rate for me.

Hi @Steffen_Cornell,

For Mission Planner, the best would be asking in the PIX4Dcloud page, but I will try to provide some answers here:

  1. It is a global setting.
  2. Yes, there is a slider with 5m increment. You can share your use case and why you need a smaller increment.
  3. It is in unit rate. Default is 100%. The slider works on 10% increments
  4. At the moment it is not possible to change this unit. I will share this request with the product team
  5. The area is provided in [unit]/pixel
  6. I will share this request with the product team
  7. I will share this request with the product team


The PIX4Dcapture Pro APK can be installed on the DJI RC Pro Enterprise controller. This is the one delivered with DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drones (3E / 3T / 3M).

Physically the DJI RC Pro Enterprise controller looks the same as the DJI RC Pro, but it has a different communication protocol. The only way to tell them apart is by looking at the label that tells the model.