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Grid mission in Pix4Dmapper Capture

The latest version of Capture is good, I like it. But probably I found a bug, or something is wrong. A planned three missions, two missions had 7 lines, the third had 5. Everything was good, but when the Phantom reached the starting point of the last line, it returned to the home point and landed. This happened in every missions. The battery was okay, had enough power. The three mission was on three different sites far from each other. Do you have any idea what happened ?

Hi Zoltan,
I have had similar results with the app. It always abandons the mission before starting the last flight line. I just plan for it to happen and make sure the last flight line is outside the mission area. But it would be nice to have this fixed for sure.

Same issue here. As Kurtis said, just size the grid box accordingly.

Hi Kurtis,
I do not understand your reply. How can the last line be outside ? If it is outside, then why the Phantom flies to the starting point of the last line ? What can I do for planning the last line inside the area ?

Sorry Zoltan,
I guess I wasn’t very clear. You have to size the mission area so that the last flight line of the mission is outside of the area that you want to capture. That way it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t fly it. I’ve also noticed that it only seems to skip the last line when you are set to high overlap. I just did a medium overlap mission and if flew all flight lines. But that could also be because there were less flight lines. I’ll have to do more testing.

Kurtis, yesterday I was flying a medium overlap mission with seven lines, but the Phantom returned from the start point of the last line.

Hi Zoltan, yes I have also seen this. It must be that having seven lines creates too many waypoints. Hopefully this will be fixed at some point.

I updated the app on Sunday. The issue solved, P2v finished the 7th line.