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During grid mission, P4P stops and increases of altitude.

Phantom 4 in P mode, everything updated. Capture App.

Shortly after setting the altitude and taking off for grid mission, my phantom 4 follows its path then stops, takes loads of pictures while climbing in altitude.

I cannot finish the grid mission.

How can i resolve this?

Hello Renny,

Are you using the iOS or Android version of Pix4Dcapture?

Also, were you able to complete successfully other missions using Capture in the past or for every mission you flown you’re noticing the same behaviour?


Hi Mattia

I am using the Android and IOS version on two different phones and it does the same thing.

This morning I tried it again and managed to do one mission, as it was saving my galaxy s7 edge, the phone rebooted :frowning:

This is my first time flying the drone and all im trying to do is just complete the grid mission so I can process in Pix4d.

The behaiour is most constant to climbing in altitude and taking pictures continuously.

only rarely does it complete the grid mission. I have tried small and large grid patterns.

As you can see below. 

The path before I cancel the flight, the drone was set for 40m and shot up to 70m while continously taking photos.

Could this be a rc signal problem?


Hi Renny,

Did you recently face the same issue with our latest iOS version 1.4.2?
Is there any chance you used the Ignore the home point option for flying the mission?