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Phantom 4 Pro and Android Pix4d Capture - Drone ascends after finishing mission

Phantom 4 Pro and controller has current firmware, android version of Capture is current, android tablet does not even have DJI GO4 installed so it can’t be running in the background, radio signal was good, mission was small and take off area was inside the mission area.

After completing a grid mission, the drone ascended from 240’ (mission altitude) to 400’ before heading back towards the landing spot.  The RTH altitude was set at 80m in the DJI GO4 app (with a different android device).  I don’t believe this is necessarily an issue with Capture as I saw the same behavior with another flight plan app I used as a check following this behavior.  Is there possibly some other setting in the drone set with DJI GO4 that would be conflicting with Capture and causing this behavior?


Thank you.