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Phantom 4 fly-away while using Pix4d Capture

I recently experienced a fly-away event while using Pix4DCapture with an Android tablet and a Phantom 4 Pro Drone. I loaded the flight plan but, once the drone reached altitude, it flew in the opposite direction. I attempted to pause the mission but the app froze, I used the RTH button but did not have a response, and I was unable to take manual control of the flight. After about 10 minutes, I received a live feed from the drone for about 2-3 seconds before the screen went black. Additionally, I could tell that the drone was hovering, but the distance reported continued to increase. It also provided an erroneous altitude reading (-20 m). After searching for several days, we have been unable to recover the drone. I have been looking through the flight logs, but it’s not clear to me where the trouble was or --more importantly-- if a lat/long was received when I last had contact. Which file (or files) should I look at? Is it possible that a location was recorded during the brief final signal that I received from the drone? Any troubleshooting advice is appreciated, thank you!

Also, does the “mission bounds center” line in the log file correspond to a location? It doesn’t make sense based on lat/long.

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