Phantom 4 won't land after mission - just rises to 400 feet and hovers

Hello there, I have an Original Phantom 4 (not the pro). Using PIX4D Capture, When I select a Double grid, it flies the entire mission just fine,…but when it completes, instead of returning to the home point and landing, it rises to 400 feet wherever it ended the mission, and hovers. Has anyone encountered this before, or has any thoughts on how to fix this issue?

Hi John,

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We encourage users to share their configuration here (mobile device and the Andriod/iOS version).

This way it will also be visible to other users.

In all the cases, we recommend planning missions with Pix4Dcapture by taking a safety margin so that the connection is never lost with the drone. In case of connection loss, the fail-safe behavior of the drone will be triggered up to what you defined in the drone manufacturer application and Pix4Dcapture cannot override this.

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