Drone stop 2 meters

Hi all.
Im trying a mission in a natural protected area. I create map and upload mission without problems checks are ok and drone take off but stop at 2 m height and does not continue.
Drone is a phantom 4 pro v2. I have all administrative permissions to flight and dji go is ok and i can flght correcty with dji app but not with pix4d capture. In other areas i can take photos for models ok. Any idea of the issue?


Hi @jluism

I am unsure if you are aware of the articles below, feel free to take a look if you haven’t tried these troubleshooting articles.

On the other hand, may I ask did you select the grid mission? If it was in grid mission, would you try another mission type and let us know how it goes? While diving in the community I found some users have similar problem with this hovering if choosing grid mission. I am curious if it doesn’t happen or happens less in other missions than grid mission.