Unsupported camera model error for some images

I have a mission that was Flown with a Wingtra. About 10% of my images say they are from an unsupported camera. The EXIF information is the same as the images that work though. Is there any way for force PIX4dMatic to work?


This is usually due to the lack of EXIF tags. If the warning sign is in yellow, you can continue to process. If the warning sign is in red, that means the necessary EXIF tags are needed for the processing to proceed. You can find out the necessary EXIF tags for the images in order to process in PIX4Dmatic: EXIF and XMP tag information for project creation

If you would like us to check what EXIF tags are missing in the images, feel free to share three images for me to check.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)