Skydio S2+ "Unsupported Camera"

Recently flew a Skydio S2+ on a small mapping test mission. Loaded imagery to Pix4Dreact, but received a message that the camera was not supported.


Make = “Skydio”
Camera Model Name = “2+”
Image Width = “4056”
Image Height = “3040”
Color Space = “sRGB”

Has anyone experienced this issue? Please let me know if you have any suggestions…Thanks, SAT

Hi @scott.tiller ,

Welcome back to our community! I responded to your support ticket.

Meanwhile, I will share my answer for everyone’s reference

When the camera is not supported, we suggest our customer go to this article and download the latest camera parameter file.
Article: Your camera is not supported at this time - PIX4Dreact

If the camera parameter still does not work and if you have a valid license, you can send us a support ticket by attaching 5-10 images. We can create a camera parameter file (.xml) for you to use in both PIX4Dreact and PIX4Dfields.

But! If anyone already has the camera parameter file created from Pix4D Technical Support Team and works in PIX4Dreact/PIX4Dfields, please feel free to share the file here for everyone as well. :blush:

Rosana (she/her)