Pix4Dmatic - Failed to add images


We failed to add images in Pix4dmatic. The error is “Exif information is invalid”. So, we have added EXIF tag manually into the images. I have upload one of the images for your reference; ‘DSC07561’.

However, the image still failed to upload with error “Unsupported camera model”. We have been using the Sony alpha 7R 36MP full frame camera. In PIX4Dmatic documentation said PIX4Dmatic can process images captured by practically any camera as long as the images contain the necessary EXIF/XMP (metadata) tags.

So the question is:

  1. Why the error said camera not supported, it is Sony Alpha 7R cannot be used or it is can be use but the images not contain the neccessary EXIF tags ?
  2. Could you see what EXIF information that is still needed to add in our captured image? Please see uploaded image DSC07561.
  3. Could you suggest how or which software that can be use to add EXIF tag in multiple number of images easily?

Thank you.

Hi @wongys,

Can you download the latest version of PIX4Dmatic where the Sony ILCE-7RM4 (Alpha 7R IV) is calibrated in our database?

The image unfortunately was not uploaded. Can you send it via WeTransfer?

Let me know how it goes.


Thank you for your response. Will try to download the latest version of Pix4matic.

Sorry, i forgot to attach the image. Please see the image in this WeTransfer link.

Thank you.

Hi @wongys,

I just realized that your camera model (Sony Alpha 7R) is different than the one calibrated in our database (Sony Alpha 7R IV). For that reason you will need all the necessary Exif and Xmp tags on your images.
Here is a file with the Exif tags your image has already:
exif_tags.txt (2.3 KB)
Tags missing:

  • Exif.Photo.FocalLength

  • Exif.Photo.FocalPlaneXResolution

  • Exif.Photo.FocalPlaneYResolution

  • Exif.Photo.FocalPlaneResolutionUnit

  • Xmp.Camera.ModelType

  • Xmp.Camera.PrincipalPoint

  • Xmp.Camera.PerspectiveFocalLength

  • Xmp.Camera.PerspectiveDistortion

I hope this helps you!


Thank you, if we able to have the missing tags, can you suggest what is the best software that can be used to input all those missing tags into multiple number of images easily?

Hi wongys,

I’d be curious to hear what others use, but ExifTool by Phil Harvey is a popular option.

Hi wongys and Farah,

It appears you might have replied to an automatic message regarding this question. It is best to always reply here.

The documentation EXIF and XMP tag information for project creation can guide you through the process.

I hope this helps!