Importing images from unsupported camera to Matic

Hi, I am not able to get my images read by Matic. I know it is an unsupported camera but all the metadata should be there as it works in Mapper with no issue. Is it possible to have a look and let me know what if you see what the problem is?

Hi @amarshall, I tried to check your image with an EXIF/XMP reader, but it says there is no XMP data. Maybe it’s because of the upload to the community which might have altered the tags. Would it be possible to share a link with one of the original images?

The requirements to be compatible in PIX4Dmapper and PIX4Dmatic are slightly different, you can find the details for the EXIF and XMP tags required for both software in this support article:

The issue I most often encountered so far is that the camera does not support the “orientation” information in the XMP data. If you share another image I’ll be able to tell you in more detail.


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Hi Pierangelo, Thank you for the every quick response. I did the same with an online EXIF reader and I get the following information;

XMP Toolkit XMP Core 4.4.0-Exiv2
Event id 8,088
Latitude 45.35176696
Longitude -72.68792010
Altitude 214.028
Yaw 138.524
Pitch -1.975
Roll -5.571
Yaw u 0.356
Pitch u 0.096
Roll u 0.096
Range 131.896
Map Datum WGS-84
Point Upper Left 45.35175743 -72.68724061 82.064
Point Upper Right 45.35106118 -72.68836073 82.065
Point Lower Right 45.35167863 -72.68911892 82.065
Point Lower Left 45.35233580 -72.68789435 82.065


GPS Latitude Ref North
GPS Latitude 45.351767 degrees
GPS Longitude Ref West
GPS Longitude 72.687920 degrees
GPS Altitude Ref Above Sea Level
GPS Altitude 214 m
GPS Time Stamp 13:24:01.869174
GPS Map Datum WGS-84
GPS Date Stamp 2021:07:19
Date/Time Original 2021-07-19_13-23-25.862046
Image Number 3001

|File Type|JPEG|
|MIME Type|image/jpeg|
|Exif Byte Order|Little-endian (Intel, II)|
|Encoding Process|Baseline DCT, Huffman coding|
|Bits Per Sample|8|
|Color Components|3|
|File Size|6.6 MB|
|File Type Extension|jpg|
|Image Size|4,096 × 3,000|
|Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling|YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)|

Do you have an example of how the tags should look? Are you able to provide an image/file with the minimum required tags in the correct format that I would be able to use as a template to format my data correctly?


The tags are described in detail in the article I shared in my previous reply, there is a pdf in the article that contains all details, e.g. how a tag should be written, if it is optional, recommended or mandatory:

I requested access to your folder, I’ll have a look there too.

Btw what is the camera you are using?

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