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PIX4D Matic -Camera orientation and meta data is missing

I am facing this issue and I have also attached the image file.


As mentioned in the warning message, the import was not successful as some information is not available in the EXIF of images. This does not mean they are not compatible.
In order to be able to import images into Pix4Dmatic both image geolocation and orientation need to be available. More in the Which cameras are supported in Pix4Dmatic article.

Have in mind that you can also import .csv files which contain image geolocation and orientation.
Do you have a text file generated with image geolocation and orientation so that you can import it from Pix4Dmatic? More in the Image geolocation and orientation import format.

You can also check directly with the manufacturer why the angles are not written in the EXIF. It could be due to an incorrect firmware version or the update of the firmware is upcoming from Autel.

You can have a look at the Pix4Dmatic example dataset if you would like to see how processing in Pix4Dmatic looks like.


sir we have try to export the exif file from the raw data and we got geolocation csv file of raw data.
After getting this cvs file we imported the raw image and geolocation csv file . Still we are getting the same error as metta data is missing , orientation or geolocation are missing.

Hi @kamal

After importing the images, how are you importing the geotags? Are you clicking File > Import image geolocations and orientations? Could you provide here:

  • The csv file
  • The log file of the project (Help > Open logs folder > project_name.txt)?


Here are the images for your reference, kindly check it and update. Please cooperate

output.pdf (217.8 KB)
gps.pdf (200.1 KB)

INDER.pdf (419.3 KB)


Please find the link of the images attached below:

Hi, thank you for providing the files.

As mentioned, the orientation angles Yaw, Pitch, and Roll are not available in the image metadata or in the text file.

For processing in PIX4Dmatic those angles are required.

From what I can see, the images and the geolocation files only include the information about the position (Latitude, Longitude and Altitude).

We recommend to check directly with the drone manufacturer why the orientation angles are not available.