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Unable to calculate Automatic TiePoints only in one area (leave blanks)


After the Initial process, I can see an area of the PointCloud which does not consist of any TiePoints.
After step2 and step3 calculation, I saw that the blank area is only in the calculated .las file in the PointCloud. I need the PointCloud to create surface for Volume Calculation and some drawings.
I tried with MTPs - still no result after running again the Initial process.
I tried with/w-o Geometrically Verified Matching - still the Same result.
In the Quality report everything is looking normal, as usual. The Orthomosaic and DSM are fine, as in DSM I can see clearly that the missing area in the Ray Cloud is taken into account and calculated.
I hope I won’t need to Fly it again, since the Date was important in this case.
DEPO10km-09022021_report.pdf (1.5 MB)

This is the missing area:

Update… The DSM have it…

Hi @21.pix4d

Such a result in the point cloud is expected as photogrammetry point extraction methods fails with a uniform, non-textured areas. In your project, it was not any different. The homogenous, flat area covered by the snow made it impossible to extract points. However, on the DSM and orthomosaic the images should be projected just fine.