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Point Cloud Missing Sections

I’m missing sections of a project. There’s dense vegetation in some areas which I understand could be a problem in rendering points, although rarely have they been completely dark in the point cloud and second whole buildings and houses are not shown in the point cloud. Check pictures attached. I originally ran it without any MTPs as I had around 15 GCPs plus 3 Check points and its only a Nadir flight. My triangle meshes are not good as well, they show missing houses as flat surfaces while the house next to it is shown perfectly 3D. At the end my ortho suffered those same house that are not shown in the point cloud, the representation is all blurred. GSD is at 1.87CM. RMS is below 0.05 M

What could I be doing wrong? I have in all those areas more than 6 images overlap. Suggestions?

Additionally my Automatic Tie Points cover a larger area of the project although of course a lot less dense, but a larger area than the actual point cloud, some of those blank areas have hundreds of tie points in them.

Would you please upload the quality report to understand the project?