Missing Ground Point Cloud

HI there

I surveyed an area yesterday that I’ve mapped before and during the processing of the point cloud densification most of the ground “points” are missing as shown in the image below. It has created some ground points outside of the green polygon, but most of the ground within the green polygon is missing. All layers have been turned on (also, I didn’t select “classify point cloud” in Step 2).


Any ideas? TIA

Hello Mike,

Would you send us the Quality Report?

Is the green area a processing area? Have you checked that is is correct in Z too?

I think that the ground might be excluded due to the wrong altitude.


Delete the processing area. The lower limit elevation is cutting off the point cloud. I have had this happen when I add GCP’s and the point cloud is adjusted to match.

Thanks Daniel & Tommy

I figured it was the processing area so I deleted it which resolved the issue. 




Thanks for your feedback!