Point cloud greyed out after processing and manual classification


I have processed stage 1, 2 and 3 of this job. Have then started manually classifying the points and have done the vast majority of the area I needed to do. Now I have come back to finish the job off and the point cloud area is greyed out. I have opened several other jobs to check and they are all fine, so it is something related to this job.

Can anyone give me an idea on what is going on? As I say, I have spent a considerable amount of time classifying the data so I dont want to have to redo stage 2.


Hi Scott,

could it be that you accidentally reran Step 1 or reoptimized the project? This could delete the results of Step 2 make the Point Cloud unavailable in the Layers menu.

Could you double check the following:

  • If Step 2 is marked green in the Processing bar?
  • The point cloud is available in the results folder, …\project_name\2_densification\point_cloud\project_name_densified_point_cloud?