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Point Cloud Editing not available

I’m fairly new to pix4d, and am trying to learn how to edit my point cloud to improve the final 3d results.  I have done steps one and two of processing and have loaded the densified point cloud, but the editing toolbar remains greyed out and I can’t figure out what to do to enable editing.  In the tutorial videos it seems to be automatic, I can’t find any mention of having to enable it somewhere.  Any help would be appreciated.


Had this same thing happen to me but just had to close out and restart and the point cloud editing button showed up as green as I was expecting the first time. This was after only running steps 1 and 2 of processing.

@Matt and @Aaron

There is indeed an issue at the moment, where the point cloud editing tool is grayed out after processing step 2 (and 3). The workaround to activate the tool is to close, then reopen the software. Our product development team is currently working to fix this, so keep an eye out for the technical release notes of Pix4D Desktop, to keep up-to-date about the newest fixes.


Thanks! I wrote on another post because I did not find this one first :wink:

Indeed the issue is still happening in version 4.2.27 and closing & opening fixes the issue… oufff !


Hey Daniel, no worries :wink: and thank you for notifying us!

This still does not appear to be fixed?


As Daniel mentioned the issue is still happening in 4.2.27. Are you facing this behavior in the latest preview?



This issue is still happening. Very frustrating.

Hi all,

The issue does occur in the last stable version 4.2.27 and in 4.2.12. As the workaround, you can close and reopen the software. However, the problem has been resolved since 4.3.10 preview version. We are going to release a new stable version very soon in which the problem will stave off. So keep an eye out for the technical release notes of Pix4D Desktop. :slight_smile:

Still can’t edit the point cloud after months & months.  This is beyond ridiculous.  

Risky, can I help?


Hi Ricky,

Can you tell me which version of Pix4Dmapper do you have? Have you seen my comment from the top? Are you still encountering the same problem with the newest version - 4.3.27?


We are using 4.2.26, was not aware of an update.  Been having an issue after running step 2 where we could not crop/edit our outer parameters for excavation.  


To resolve your issues please update your software to the newest version.

If you still encounter any problems please contact us! :wink:



Sorry I missed your call yesterday Glenn.