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Editing the Point Cloud

I know this discussion has been carried on here several times in the past. I have been using Pix4d for close to two years and I’ve always had issues with editing the point cloud in 10 previous issues of Pix4d Mapper. I’ve recently upgraded to Ver. 4.4.12. I flew a small project of about 300 images and processed and georeferenced with ground control. RE-optimized and then processed step 2 for point cloud generation and classification.
After completion of step 2. I should be able to load the point cloud and turn on and off layers for the removal of man-made objects, vegetation and buildings. At this point, it acts as though the point cloud has not been classified. Can’t do anything with editing the point cloud, cant turn on or off the layers of classification.
Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

Glenn Martin
RPLS, Ga.- Fla.

Did you make sure you have the classify point cloud box checked in your processing options?

Yes I did. Also, ran point classifications afterwards.
Thanks for your help.


Thanks for your help. The error was in my hardware. Software works great.

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