DTM generated not using the edited ground and road layers

My goal is to generate a DTM. Since Pix4d is not doing a perfect job on classifying the points I have to edit the point cloud and reassign points to layers.
On my example I have reassigned points from the ground layer to other layers ( building …) . After editing I have re-run step 3 for DTM. Issue is that the DTM is still using the old original ground and road surface layers.

I tried to save and re-open the file after editing to see if Pix 4d remembers the re-assignment of the points. The answer is not a straight yes or no .
Upon re-opening , after turning off all the layers except ground and roads I see the original point cloud without edits .
However when I activate the edit cloud function I see the layers updated with all my previous editing .I deactivate edit point cloud and the layers keeps the edited data.

I have re-run step 3 and new DTM file ignored my editing.

Anyone experienced this issue before ?Please advise


Hi Dorin,

Thank you for your request and welcome to the Pix4D Community.

Could you please share with us some screenshots of PIX4Dmapper showing the different steps and the non-updated point cloud classification?
When you run step 3, did you disable step 1 and 2? These steps need to be disabled otherwise will be computed again.

If you can’t or don’t want to share screenshots of your project(s) on a public forum, feel free to open a support ticket with us. The data will then not be visible to other users or visitors.

You can find additional information here: