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Does PIX4D 3.1.18 still do point cloud classification?

I can’t seem to find any way of classifying points in 3.1.18 and when I try and make a DTM the program crashes.

What’s the method of creating a DTM with 3.1.18?


According to the technical patch notes the automatic classification has been removed.

I’ve confirmed you can still manually create point groups the same previous versions, and manually export a point cloud of your groups of interest.

I don’t have any ideas on why your DTM is causing a crash, but I’ve been in contact with support trying to learn more about this DTM feature. Here are some quotes from the pix4D responses that I think answers your question:

“Our new algorithm takes as input the merged Raster DSM (Digital Surface Model), computes a classification mask that represents the terrain / objects and generates the Raster DTM (Digital Terrain Model).”

“The contour lines will be based on the Raster DTM, if it is already generated. However, if the raster DTM is not generated or if the DTM tiles are not merged, then the contour lines will be based on the the Raster DSM. For more information on how to create contour lines:


Hello Leon and Stantton,

The point cloud classification is temporarily removed from Pix4Dmapper. At the same time the automatic DTM generation is out of beta and gives good results. 

We understand that the point cloud classification is an important feature and therefore a new more robust tool will be included in the software soon. Our developers are working on the integration of the tool in Pix4D Desktop. However, we cannot guarantee about the integration time as the feature is still under development. 

In the meantime, you can still edit the point cloud assigning points in the Deleted point group in order to improve the DTM generation. Please feel free to share with us any special projects that the DTM algorithm was not properly applied by submitting a Support request.

@ Leon: In case you still experience crashes when the DTM is generated, please submit a Support request including the Quality Report and log file of the project.


Point cloud classification is back! I’ll close this post.