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Feature Request - Bring back DTM/Object Identification Parameters

While I love the DTM generator in P4D for flatter sites, lately it has been cutting out non objects, such as smaller piles, steep faces of piles, and sharp edges on grading sites.  Are there any plans to bring back some of the old style parameters for object identification?  Right now for some sites it is unusable for me. 

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Hello Jake,

Thank you very much for your feedback. It is very important for us to receive our users’ input as it helps us further improve our software.

The point cloud classification feature that has been removed from the software in the 3.1. version was in a beta version and there were some problems with the resulted classification. Therefore our developers have developed a new classification tool and they are now working on the integration of this tool in the software. Most probably this feature will be included in the software in the 4.0 stable version that is expected to be released end of September. The DTM algorithm will be accordingly improved in order to take into consideration the classification.

In the meantime unfortunately there is no automatic method of performing a point cloud classification or even removing points based on some properties. It is only possible to manually edit the point cloud and assign points to specific point groups, as it is described here:


I am eagerly waiting for 4.0, not just for this tools implementation, but many other fixes and improvements as well.

Thanks Pix-folks!