Editing the point cloud. No support

Gentlemen and ladies, I’ve had this issue with not being able to edit the point cloud going on months. It’s really affecting my ability to turn out deliverables.

I’ve had very little support form Pix4d. My contract with pix 4d is time to renew. I am thinking very seriously at looking at one of your competitors. I need help and expect someone from PIX4d to call me and help with the situation ASAP! Other wise I’m going to someone else for software.


Glenn Martin

Martin Surveying & Mapping


Hi Glenn,

Could you tell us more about the issue you are facing?
Which version are you using?
Are you following the steps described here?

Checking our system I noticed that you are eligible for personal support.
Hence I strongly recommend you to send us a ticket from this form and we will do our best to support you with your issues:
Pix4D Support


Marco and all the people who read my rant. I must apologize! The problem was not at all with Pix4d. Turns out it was the driver for my gpu. Had been checking for a driver update since I got the computer in May of Last year. Nothing. Finally this morning I did find a new driver thats was available Mar. 31st. Installed the new driver and the machine works like a top.

Again, I apologize.

Will be renewing with Pix4D.


Hi Glenn,

We are really happy to read that you have been able to troubleshoot your issue by your self.
If you have any other issue/question do not hesitate to submit us a ticket:
Pix4D Support

Enjoy our software!