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Missing Point Cloud info

I have looked through topics but cannot find any similar issues. I am processing a project and it fails to compile information and there are lot of pixels missing. the features are usually of one color and i understand that can happen but the image overlay is 75% and 60 percent, perpendicular over lap flight patterns. Is it a processing issue or a data collection issue?


Hi @sgould,

Indeed, there can be a problem with reconstructing the uniform, homogenous areas as the software might encounter some issues extracting keypoints. However, to give you accurate advice to your project, I would need to have a look at your Quality Report. Would you mind post it here so I can investigate the problem?

Thanks in advance!

0607_2June2020_report.pdf (1.9 MB)

Here is the report.

The large black stockpile is the concern, not so much the vegetation. The stockpile is visible in 21 images and is not at the edge of the mission area so it seems like it should be sufficient.

I isolated 9 images the stockpile was in, reran a quick project and it worked fine. The project created the pile in WGS format but not New Hampshire state plane coordinates. Not sure if thats a help or not.



Thank you for your fast reply.

Could you please reprocess the project with a few modifications in your Processing Options?

I would reprocess your project at first without Multiscale option. But, including the rest of the changes. If the result still will not be satisfactory, please add Multiscale and reprocess Step 2.

Afterwards, please respond with an update including the Quality Report. :wink: