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No Automatic Tie pts

Initial processing done 82,522 keypts. per image check

232 of 233 images calibrated check

.51% relative diff.

13680.5 matches per image check

Good ortho & DSM preview

processing area good overlap solid green

but no automatic tie points to continue the processing screen is blank in the ray cloud only the images appear step two of processing fails

What is the problem!!!

Hi Peter, 

It is difficult to spot the issue with the current information.

Please share the following information: 

  • screenshots of the rayCloud that show the same as you describe
  • log file of the project
  • quality report

The screenshots can be posted as an image in a comment, the other files can be shared with a link to a file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox, WeTransfer,…).

Do you get a specific error message during step 2 of the processing? If yes, please take a screenshot or report the error message you had.