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Adding Manual Tie Points


I am working on a project where Pix4D has not been able to calibrate all of the camera locations, and I am having to do some manually using Manual Tie Points.

Does anyone know how I can add more images to the Images pane on the right hand side of the Ray Cloud screen? I have some points that I know appear in certain photos, but if these photos don’t pop up in the Images pane, I am not able to select the point in these photos. Is it possible to choose which images appear, instead of letting Pix4D decide automatically?

Thanks in advance for your help.





Hello Richard,

The images displayed on the right hand sidebar, under the Images Section, are all the calibrated images that the selected point is reprojected. There might be some uncalibrated images that the software estimates that the point is reprojected. But it is not possible to add other images in this section.

When an image is not calibrated during step 1. Initial Processing, it can be manually calibrated using the rayCloud. If you have only a few uncalibrated images you can manually calibrate them and then they will show up on the right sidebar, if the point selected in the rayCloud is reprojected in these images. For information about how to manually calibrate uncalibrated cameras you can check here:

However, this is not recommended if you have a lot of uncalibrated images as it it a time-consuming process. Additionally, having many uncalibrated images is an indication that the reconstruction is not very good. Then, it would be better if you could send us the Quality Report of the project so that we can better advice on it. You can upload your Quality Report here:


Hi Antigoni

I’ve undertaken a survey using planar and oblique images and for whatever reason the obliques on one side haven’t stitched. I’ve put them through Step 1 twice and now running out of time as I require it to be processed within the next day.

There is plenty of overlap so I have not idea why it hasn’t processed. Any help would be much appreciated. I have already emailed the report to the dropbox. Thanks

Hi Paul, 

Thanks for uploading the Quality Report.
For other readers of the post, feel free to have a look at the Quality Report here.

There seem to be several flights at different altitudes. The uncalibrated cameras are in red, so the oblique seem to be at the lowest or medium altitude: 

It would be worth trying the merging procedure described in this article:
i.e. to process each flight separately for step 1, add MTPs in overlapping areas and to merge them in a single project. This should make sure that the images calibrate in each subproject individually. 

Another remark is that there are 4 blocks in your project: 

This might be partially solved if you follow the merging procedure, but if not you can add MTPs in the areas between the blocks and mark the MTPs in images from both blocks. Then Process > Reoptimize the project, which should set them together again. Here is how you can add an MTP: 

Let us know how this went