Manual Tie points and uncalibrated camera's

Dear people, is there someone with a clear explanation how to add manual tie points? In one of my projects I have to create manual tie points to have enough calibrated camera’s. Please not the default link, I really looking for an explanation. Many thanks.

Hi @remco.bruins,

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I imagine that as standard link, you imagine the following:

This is specific for the workflow to calibrate uncalibrated cameras.

However, if you are interested in a clear explanation of Manual Tie Points creation (MTPs), please take a look at this other article:

It contains a video at the top that you might find helpful.

Here are the direct links:

Let me know if this helps.

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Thank you, I was asking for other information than the default links, this process is way to painful.

Hi @remco.bruins,

Thank you for your reply.
If you share details about what makes the process so painful for you, I will gladly help you.

Have you taken a look at the video?
Here are the direct links to specific points in the video: