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Uncalibrated Camera


I am trying to manually calibrate a project of 990 images, no gcps (inside a warehouse). Half of them are uncalibrated. I can see a lot of common reference that I could normaly match tie point in calibrated image and uncalibrated, and I did a very good overlaping (maybe 85%-90% at best). So when I go and do the procedure to make some matches, pix4d only show me a selection of uncalibrated image, which don’t help me because I really could match points with calibrated image (60+ pictures) but it just dont show the calibrated picture at the same time in the collection. Is there a way, when you click on an red or orang cross, to make all the pictures appear in the right selection ?
Thank you


The procedure is described here:

Unfortunately, the above procedure will work only for projects where a small number of images are not calibrated. For projects like yours that half of the images are uncalibrated, it won’t work. As mentioned in the article:

If many images were not calibrated automatically, it is better to find the cause of the problem: Quality Report Help.

Have you tried Pix4Dcatch for capturing ground data?
It could be interesting for applications like yours if the warehouse has some texture.

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