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Pix4D doesn't save custom camera calibrations

When I uncalibrate a câmera, add points and recalibrate it to a new corrected position, then save and close the project, reopening the project will not keep any changes in camera positions.

Hi Daniel,

I am not sure that I completely understand the situation you are referring to. Are you referring to the procedure where you manually calibrate the uncalibrated camera as mentioned in the How to manually calibrate uncalibrated Cameras in the rayCloud article?

Or are you referring to the internal camera parameters as mentioned in the How to change the Camera Initial Values to the Optimized Values article?

Could you share a detailed description of the workflow that you follow and some screenshots that show the issue you are referring to?


1 - The following cameras (in blue) are badly positioned (ok, they’re on the edge, but that’s not the issue):

2 - Uncalibrate a few of them to mark tie points (some of the blue became red):

3 - Mark tie points and calibrate manually

  • notice how the two recalibrated cameras are well positioned now  

  • compare the automatically calibrated ones (diagonally positioned) with the manually calibrated (horizontally positioned)

4 - Save the project, close and open

The problem is in step 4. All the recalibration is lost and the cameras go back to their original automatic (wrong) positions.

A few other actions cause the same problem: resetting the manual calibrations.

Hi Daniel,

I think that what is happening is due to the fact that there is no optimization after the images have been modified.

If you see the article that my colleague was pointing to,  How to manually calibrate uncalibrated Cameras in the rayCloud , the last step is “rematch and reoptmize”. By doing that, those changes that you made will be taken into acoount.

Please let us know how it goes.


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Indeed. That step is necessary. Although the system leads us to think the images are already recalibrated.

Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback.

Good to see that it works now.