No Tie Points Between Adjacent Calibrated Images

I am trying to understand what is causing the lack of tie points between adjacent, calibrated images. I’ve processed 1,000s of jobs and have never seen anything like what’s depicted in the attached image. The fingers highlighted in red DO NOT coincide with waterways, unique topography, vegetation or homogeneity. The point cloud looks fantastic with no indication of what’s depicted in the attached image.

The images are from a Sony RX1 with 70% horizontal overlap. The average GSD is 1.74 CM. The images are all PPK with Omega, Phi and Kappa values.

Please help me understand what is causing this anomaly and how I can correct it in this data set or avoid it in future data sets.

Thank you,


Hi David,

I hope you are doing well. I responded to your support ticket about this issue.

If you still have any questions about this project, feel free to respond to the support ticket!

For everyone’s visibility, the areas circled in red represent weak keypoint matches. You can look into the image content to see if the areas are very homogenous (for example, water bodies, snowy areas, sandy areas, dense vegetation, etc.).

Some solutions you can try in general include:

A friendly reminder to everyone that, at the same time, there are many variables involved when a technical issue occurs. Just keep in mind that if you have tried the above-mentioned solutions and have yet to help, it is still case-dependent for different projects. I suggest looking through our documentation and tutorial videos, first. If they do not help much and you have a valid license with valid Support and Upgrades service, feel free to send us a technical support ticket! We are happy to help!

Rosana (she/her)