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Adding manual tie points, but images which don't contain the tie point show up...


I am trying to add manual tie points due to some weird ground level issues in point cloud.

When I go to add a manual tie point, when I try to select the tie point in multiple images, some images are shown that don’t even have the tie point in them (I zoomed all the way out on the images to make sure), but the image has a point that the algorithm thinks is the tie point. Is there a way to correct this/ inform the algorithm that an image doesn’t contain a tie point?

Hi @jacob.stickney,

Could you please share the project’s quality report?

Are you trying to process images acquired with different cameras?
In stead of adding MTP, I would rather solve this unleveled ground by improving the calibration. This should solve your issue.


Hey Marco,

Just to confirm, you mean improve my camera calibration?

Also I have attached the reportQuality Report (2.2 MB)

Thanks for your help!

Hi @jacob.stickney,

How high have you flown? Your GSD is huge.
Actually you are trying to merge flights acquired at very different GSD:

My guess is that the difference in GSD creates the pattern you see.
I would recommend you to process your project separately and then merge them adding MTP.
More here:

We can see that in the center of your model you have many cameras very well calibrated:

I would recommend to process this area in one project and the circular flights in another one.
Photogrammetry is more subtle than just processing all images together.


Thanks for your help Marco, will try your suggestions!