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ubuntu 19.04

I’m trying to install pix4dmapper on ubuntu 19.04.

I know that this os is not officially supported. However, 14.04 and 16.04 are now outdated.

I am trying to open my way in the dependency issues based on this page (basically, this is related to getting qt 5.6). I don’t manage, mainly because of the package libpng12-0, which cannot be installed.

Has anybody managed to install pix4dmapper on any version of ubuntu later than 16.04?


Hi Davide,

It is true that we do not officially support any Linux version for Pix4Dmapper. Therefore it is not possible to install the Pix4Dmapper out of the box on the new Ubuntu. However, in general, experts could deal with the installation by adding manually incompatible libraries. A solution for you would be utilising Docker or adding in PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH compatible libraries. Besides Docker, there is another application called Chroot. Nevertheless, the easiest solution would be to download Ubuntu 14.04 from some archive and install Pix4Dmapper there.