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Help me! I need info about update!

Hi! Im a pix4d mapper user, i have a 4.2.26 versión and i want to update to the most recent version. I would like to read your opinion about this, how different are the older version from the new. Does it really matter? Is it worth ? I read the notes but i still need more information. Thank you!

Hi Francisco,

As mentioned here:
there has been many release since the version 4.2.26 that mostly fixed bugs and added new cameras to the database.
If you do not have the Support and Upgrade updated and that you do not face any major bug or issue with your current version, I recommend you to stay on this version. For most of the projects, this should work fine.
However if you have S&U, I would recommend you to install the latest version as most of the know bugs have been fixed.