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V4.1.25 vs latest version


I am a long term user with a full pix4d license, the support and upgrades portion of my license expired a year or so ago leaving me operating with V4.1.25. Now things have moved on a few iterations I am considering whether it is worth paying for an additional year of support, but more relevantly upgrades .

I am not a large user of the support services as I am proficient with pix4d but I do wonder if the advances in software are worth the upgrade.

Have the updates since V4.1.25 lead to any significant improvements in software speed of capability?


Hi Ben,

The latest stable release of the software is faster in calibration and densification by an average of 20% in both steps. You can also get a list of all the changes since 4.1.25 from Pix4D Desktop preview and technical release notes.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding Pix4Dmapper or any other product:

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Also, get yourself ready for Pix4Dmatic. Please have a look at Photogrammetry on a large scale. Pix4Dmatic Beta

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How much can you offer to upgrade to the latest version?

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In case of a technical issue with the software contact Pix4D Technical Personal Support.

Regards :slight_smile: