Unable to download older version for new computer

I have a perpetual license for version 4.3.31. My license ends in 7a. How do I get a copy of this version of the software to install on a new computer? This version works on an old laptop but this is only used to show very small datasets and not for processing.
I have tried to go to the downloads page, log in and see if my version is available but only the latest version is available.
I have emailed support but as I don’t have a current license I am not getting any reply.

Hi @Bernard_Forde1 ,

From the following link you can download and install version 4.3.31.

Have in mind that in order to log in from another computer you need to log out from the device that was using this license in the past.

If you have any other questions please let us know.


Hello Nikoleta. Thank you for the quick reply and link.
It worked perfectly.

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