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Exif file problems during Step 3



I’ve looked through the posts and it seems that the fix is updating the software version (mine is currently 4.1.25).

I have already tried to restart the computer and to move/rename the project files in another folder and the software refuses to generate the orthomosaic and then gives me an error: Failed to write Exif!

Problem that we have right now is that I’ve updated the software to the newest version but when I log in Pix4D doesn’t accept our perpetual license for this desktop; it only recognizes it for this version 4.1.25.

Is there a way we can use this license on the newest version? If not, it’s really unfair that we can’t since the license has already been paid off.

Hello Blake,

As this is a question related to licenses, I would suggest that you open a ticket in our support site using your email account and password so we can check your license details.

Thank you very much.