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Error: Failed to write Exif data

 Step 3 fails to process on version 4.0.25, saying “Error: Failed to write Exif”. Everything up to that point works fine, but then it just fails. I have had this happen to every project I have processed since I have updated to the newest version. I even updated to the preview version, 4.1.15, and it is still happening. Can someone please tell me why this could be happening?



A support ticket is probably a better route as the log file is needed to diagnose.

A new stable version, containing the fix for “Failed to write Exif”, was just released. Could you please try to run the project using the version 4.1.19 and let us know if you still encounter any issues. 

You can download the latest version here: 


I just received this error with 4.1.19. Please advise alternate solutions.

@Kevin, we contacted you via support ticket.

Problem persists in 4.1.23.  I have been working with Blaž in a support ticket for over a month with no success.  To the contrary, it appears to have gotten worse.  I could normally get a project to process after a few attempts and rebooting between steps.  I now have projects that have failed 6-8 times in a row no matter what I do. To P4D’s credit, I get busy on other things and probably haven’t been as responsive to their requests as I could have, but you have my full attention now.  Let me know what you need to get this fixed.

This issue has essentially shutdown the aerial mapping arm of our business.

Kevin, is there a project you can share so I can take a look on one my Pix4D machines?  I have one 128GB system that is idle right now so if you would like a second look at it then shoot me an email at

I don’t typically go to Step 3 in my normal workflow so I haven’t seen this in my own projects, but I have a couple days to spend on this challenge if you can share a project that crashes.



Thanks for the offer.  I do have one project on Dropbox now that I supplied to Pix4D that is successfully processed through Step 2, but fails every time on Step 3.  I will email you a Dropbox link to the project.  Thanks for the offer.