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Error: Failed to write Exif data error occured step3

just encountered,

Error: Failed to write Exif data

in step 3, using ver. 4.1.24,

please help! Projects are on hold.



actually this plea goes out after all day attempts.

Hi Ronald,

I am glad to hear that you solved the issue. Could you share some additional information on how you resolved the issue?


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Certainly not the first person with this so some sort of hardware conflict or bad hardware is out there.


My rig has processed a failed project without issue so it isn’t a global issue but something that needs fixed.  In the meantime, I do processing as a service if you need to get some projects done before this gets resolved.

Ive still no resolution! Sorry if I implied I did.

for anyone who is more computer savvy than I and for what its worth, below is what im running.