Repeated Step 2 processing failure

Hello all and thank you for your time. I have been working with Pix4D, creating topographic surveys for 3 years.

Recently, we have begun using a Zenmuse P1 for all flights, and have used that camera sparingly over the last year or so.

We just flew two sizable missions, one with 1400 or so pictures, the other with about 4000.

The projects are failing to complete, even on a computer we have running a PNY RTX 8000 and dual Xeon 6252 processors. I don’t see a better graphics card for sale and can’t imagine those dual chips not being able to handle the processing.

Unfortunately I have no report to show as the 3rd step has not processed.

Can anyone help?


Hi Ty,
I would check to see if your GPU drivers are up to date. If, you can attach a log file or a quality report and we can take a deeper look.

Mike, thanks for your reply. It has happened now on two workstations so I don’t think drivers are to blame. It appears the log file is too large to attach, so instead a link is here.

Hi Can,
I cannot open the blackbird.7z file. Can you upload your quality report and log file to the link below? You can generate the quality report by going to Process and Generate Quality Report.

Thank you for the response. I had the same issue again with another project, the processing report for which is attached here and has been uploaded to the provided link, thank you very much.

I do not see the log file for this project yet.

3105 Willow Ln_report.pdf (3.3 MB)

I can tell from the quality report your driver is not up to date. You can download the latest driver from the Nvidia site at the link below. I highly recommend updating. If it still fails then we will need the log file.