"No GPU found, fallback on CPU"

I’m attempting to process a large dataset in Pix4Dmatic and it is gong rather slowly. I’m concerned that the warning I see appearing above the progress bar (“No GPU found, fallback on CPU”) is affecting the processing speed.

I am using a NVIDIA Quadro 4000, which I know used to cause issues with the old Pix4DMapper. I would hope that the newer Pix4Dmatic has been built to avoid those issues… please advise if there is a solution.

Hi @rory.oconnor ,

May I ask what is the GPU RAM and which processing options did you use?
Can you share the log file with us?

Please also make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the driver of the GPU and try to process the project again. You can download and install from this link: Official Drivers | NVIDIA


Thanks for the feedback @Nikoleta_Dimopoulou ! Good call on the driver update - there was one available so I’m trying that now.

I’ve attached my log file too - the processing almost completed, however I encountered an error at the final step, not sure if the graphics driver was the issue or not.

Let me know if there is anything insightful in there, I might start a separate ticket if this issue is unrelated to the graphics card

2022-05-23_08-46-54.txt (2.1 MB)

Log file is pointing to your driver with the error stating “cudaErrorInsufficientDriver”. Did updating work? I would also suggest going into your Nvidia Control Center and ensure the high-performance GPU is selected.

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updating driver fixed the issue, I’ll make sure to keep a closer eye out for this in the future!