Older versions of Pix4DMapper

Hi. Where can I download older versions of Pix4D? I’m looking 4.6.4.

Hi mkgeo,
If you go to the PIX4Dmapper download page and login, the system will recognize your account and will only let you download the version that you are authorized to. Be sure to click on the Download valid version link.

i have tired to do this but the promt does not appear and i cant find anywhere else that offers the download for 4.6.4 which is the latest my subscription will support

Hi tcornah,
Can you verify that your are logged in? In the upper right hand corner of the screen you should be able to see a button to log in. Or, you can also see what account you are logged in with. Be sure that you are logged in with the account in which your older license is associated with.

yes i am logged into the account for the licence, it just appears with the same download page as is there when im not logged in at all

Please use this link to download 4.6.4.