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Stuck on Step 1. Calibrate 90%

Hi. My process seems to be stuck on “Calibrate” at 90%. It’s been running for over 12 hours and the scan has 912 images. I have never run into this before. Should I cancel and restart with other settings. Thank you.


Update - It is actually going. I am up to 94%. I guess it’s just really slow. I have never had the calibration part take so long.

It is most probably related to the hardware limitations. You can try using Pix4Dmatic for faster processing. To download the 15-day trial version, please visit here.

That’s annoying. Pix4DMatic costs even more than Pix4Dmapper! Is ~900 images a large dataset? I guess so. I’ve never had a scan take so long before. It actually crashed yesterday and I restarted it and and now in 1. Writing tie points and only at 10%. It’s just crawling along. I have attached my log in case someone is able to take a look. Perhaps there are some other issues or tweaks I can make before buying additional software. (548.5 KB)


According to the log, it says that “Available RAM = 649MB” and “Less than 4GB of available RAM was detected. This might be insufficient for processing larger projects”. Would you please check your hardware? You can find more information regarding the system requirement from the link below.

System requirements: Minimum and recommended computer specifications

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Hi @Yuka. Thank you for the response. I have 32GB of RAM, yet I always get the 4GB warning every time I start up the program. I tried to figure this out in the past and never got any traction or a solution.

Here is a screenshot of when I was recently running a scan:

Is there any chance your SSD or HDD does not have enough space for processing? The issue could be related to it as well. Otherwise, I recommend splitting the projects into smaller ones. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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