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Long time taken in calibration process of 30,545 images

We have been processing over 30000 images around 300GB data, we started on 2nD of September 2020 but it takes very much time for the calibration, for the last 8days it has only processed around 59% in calibration alone, why is this much lag

The system configuration : processor Intel xeon Gold 6146 ,RAM :256 GB , GPU: Quadro P5000, 4 TB HDD.

Does any one have any idea when will this get complete

This can take weeks and is not certain to complete. If I were you I’d try to run this data with Pix4Dmatic. Here are some links I’d recommend to view:

If you try it out, please post an update here, I’d be curious to know what results you got.

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First thing I would do is to buy an SSD. HDD is a major bottleneck in medium or large scale projects.

SSD for sure. We have not tested the performance impact of SATA vs NVME but either will definitely be better over HDD.

RAM is the real limiting factor for a project this large. I 100% recommend that you do this on Pix4Dmatic.

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Hi thank you all, I’m happy to say that the initial step has completed it took nearly 14days to complete it, but we have reduced the resolution in next two steps and we haven’t checked in the merge tiles option both in DSM and Ortho, so in another 10days everything will be completed. Once the process completed, I will update the report and final outputs

Hi all, I’m happy to say that the second step has been processed in 2days, now we are onto the 3rd stage, I hope so this will also get completed in 3or 4days