Issues with processing long corridor

I have a long 30+km corridor that i am trying to process an aerial for. It was a single pass flight at 1.5GSD with 80% frontal overlap

i have the project on an external NVME drive. Originally i was having issues where it would fail at the DSM merge stating not enough space. I had 1.1tb of free space on the NVME, but it was stating that i needed 1.7tb. To get around this i have turned off merge DSM and Ortho and will merge the tiles after in Global mapper.

Now i am finding that the Ortho is taking a a very long time to process. The DSM took 4 days to process, but it seems that the ortho is taking 1 day to do 1%. My computer is a AMD 5950X with NVIDIA 2070 GPU and 32gb of ram. There are about 2700 photos in the project, flown with a M300 and P1 camera.

Hi gis6,
Can you upload your log file to this posting? We can take a look to see what might be going on.

32gb of memory is not enough for a project that size. I recommend 128gb.

I just finished processing 2,380 images. Ortho took about 4 hours. I have the same CPU, but 128gb memory and RTX 3080.

However a 30km corridor will result in a very large file. So that will take much longer than a polygon area with the same number of images.