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Pix4Dmapper - Less than 4GB of available RAM

Hello. I always receive a message when starting Pix4Dmapper that only 4GB of available RAM has been detected.

My workstation has 32 GB of physical ram. Could this be an incorrect setting in Pix4Dmapper or Windows? Thanks

Hi, are you running some other software at the same time? Have you recently restarted your computer? It could be that some processes are still running in the background which eat up some RAM. I would open the Windows Task Manager to view what processes are running and eat up RAM. There you should be able to find if there is really something taking up 28GB RAM or if it’s an error in Pix4Dmapper.

Here is a guide for the Windows Task Manager:

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Hi. Thanks for the response. I have an AMD Radeon ™ Pro WX 7100 Graphics Card. The link you sent seems to be specific to NVIDIA. I don’t know that AMD has a similar control panel tool. Let me know if you think there is anything else I should try. Thanks


I have just realised I made a mistake asking you the question related to the GPU. It was meant for another ticket! I’m very sorry about this situation. I deleted my comment not to mislead you anymore or any future reader. :wink:

Fortunately, @pierangelo provided you with the proper information! Thank you for team spirit! :slight_smile:

@CK_FSLA is this issue related to the same project we are troubleshooting in another community post? If yes, I insist that you sent us a ticket attaching all the files you have; .log file, Quality Report, some screenshots if necessary. In this way, we can be more efficient and deeply investigating all problems. However, please don’t’ forget Pier’s comment and follow his tips. As he mentioned, there is a high probability that those 28GB are in use by other software.

Thanks and let me know what you decide.


Thank you for the response. Our IT consultant said not to trust Windows Task Manager. Although it currently says 94% of memory is used, if I add up all of the processes they don’t even come close to 28 GB. His explanation is that Windows will use the remaining ram and release it when an app, such as Pix4D mapper needs it. I don’t know if this is true or not. The bottom line is that even after a fresh restart with minimum background processes, Pix4D gives me the warning and has poor performance. Pix4D seems to “see” my actual physical ram amount.


Anyway, I will keep digging and see if I can figure something out.

Hmm. Definitely, something must be going on with the RAM if both Task Manager and Pix4Dmapper say there is not much left for the processing. Anyway, keep me apprised of the situation.