Calibration process Pix4Dmatic

I have a problem. After updating Pix4Dmatic from version 1.50.1 to 1.52.1, during the calibration process, the work progress reaches 83% and for a long time nothing happens, there is no work progress… only after some time does 100% appear
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a project with 50 photos or 500… It wasn’t there before… please help
I will add that this is also happening now reoptimization

Hi @tgut.biuro,

Thank you for letting us know about the issue with PIX4Dmatic 1.52.1. We have identified the issue for both Calibration and Reoptimization. This issue should be fixed in the next Preview release, which is coming soon.

All the best,

Thank you very much for your answer and commitment

wt., 14 lis 2023, 15:08 użytkownik Ryan Hughes via Pix4D Community <> napisał:

Is there a set date when it will be fixed? I work a lot in Pix4Dmatic and it’s tedious :frowning:

I have good news for you. The newest version of PIX4Dmatic was just released. It should be available for download now.

You are great :wink: Thank you very much