Process is not on going

Hi. I have on project. around 16k images (124 gb). I have enough space on Hard disk, my pc 128 gb RAM. I have started the process almost 20 hours before. Since 5-6 hours the processing remained stable. Still showing process on going. It did not crash. Calibration Sequence reach to 33% and it is still same. Is that normal or should I do something. I don’t want to divide the project on parts. before I have done 20k images processing.
If someone can help me I will appriciate


I would encourage a little more patience at this point. I have wondered the same at times with larger projects. I have found going back through the logs and seeing which process took the most time helped me understand these periods of unknown better. They always aligned with the step I was questioning.


Dear Jon,
Thank you so much, you are right, now it is continuing. just need more patience. I hope client can show same patience :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it :+1: