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Slow Processing Speed

I’ve been using Pix4D for a couple years, and am experiencing some unusally processing times. We recently purchased a new computer (Intel Xenon Silver 4114 CPU@2.2GHZ (2 processors with 20 cores each) and 128GB of ram. I am processing my first project on it, and 166 photos have been processing step 3 for over 24 hours. There is some dense vegetation around a small area of the project, so I restarted using the triangulation method and it is still just as slow.


Any suggestions?

yes there is something very wrong. Can you pull up your task manager and then the resource monitor to see if all 40(!) cores are being utilized?

Provide a dropbox link to your photos and I will try on my box. 

Hey Brendan,

As Joseph pointed out, it seems that the processing is taking too long.

Can you also share the full log file of the project?